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I'm Azin Taqizadeh, a 4th-year computer engineering student @uWaterloo. During my undergrad, I have had the opportunity to experience working in various positions, namely, software developer, IoT developer, and QA in amazing tech companies such as PlayStation, BlackBerry, and SAP, respectively. Having these work experiences, I am even more interested in programming and embedded designs today. I am eager to use my experience and apply my skills and enthusiasm toward my future work terms and full-time opportunities.

Sometimes I code for fun, I find making something cool either on my own or at hackathons to be a great way of learning different languages and tools. Making this website was no exception; I used this opportunity to get better at web development and to create a place to share what projects I have been working on. I'd be happy to connect with you, so don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to know more about me 🙂


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DnD Dice:

An iOS app for when you need to roll dice while playing D&D


Terminal program to view the lyrics of the song you listening to on Spoitfy

Handwritting AutoCorrect

+ Solace + raspberryPi

Spell checker for handwritten notes on touch devices(Group project at UofT Makeathon 2020)


+ Firebase

Online coding examination portal (Group project at Hack the North 2019)

Personal portfolio

+ + +

A corner of the web to display my experience


FoosBlog: Using AtHoc SDK for Foosball

FoosPi is a smart foosball table that makes finding teammates easier. Simply press a button to send an SMS to all the registered players at your office using AtHoc SDK and ask them to join.

Securely reporting data with Spark SDK

This IoT Analytics project showcases how a secure connection can be established between a client and a server using Spark SDK. In this example, values measured from temperature and humidity sensors are transmitted to the user for monitoring purposes

Work Experience

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Software Developer Intern - Front End

SONY Interactive Entertainement

  • Developed high quality, bug-free code used by millions of PlayStation users using JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Assisted in creating a package to facilitate using of new APIs for clients and in integrating these APIs with the existing code
  • Fixed reported defects on the PlayStation store, resulting in a better user experience
  • Wrote unit test for all the new features using Sinon.JS to detect any early stage defects, maintaining high test coverage rate
  • Performed peer code review and conflict resolution
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Enterprise Solutions Developer - IoT


  • Designed and developed IoT apps using embedded Node.js on Raspberry Pi and BlackBerry Spark Communications SDK to showcase Spark SDK’s enterprise use cases to potential customers
  • Designed a user-friendly UI to present real-time and analytics data collected from sensors using JavaScript as part of a sample IoT temperature and humidity monitoring device for pharmaceutical and food factories
  • Applied MQTT protocol to send commands and receive events from devices for establishing communication between ESP8260 microcontroller and RaspberryPi
  • Conducted research in security, IoT vulnerabilities and threats, and interpreting enterprise needs into IoT solutions
  • Authored technical posts on BlackBerry Developers blog to familiarize end-users with our novel solutions to their challenges
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Software Quality Assurance/ Web Automation Developer


  • Designed and performed manual test cases on HANA Run-Time Tools to verify the newly developed features in preparation for their official release
  • Developed, fixed and updated automation tests using Selenium and Python, increasing testing coverage, detecting and removing false positives

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